Blackhawk and Madi Jones started their dream of converting a van to travel in, which quickly turned in to much more. They are now the founders and CEO’s of the Carefree Camper Company, building van conversions, RV remodels, and overlanding rigs!

Eamon and Bec are a Toronto based couple who live and travel in their self converted Sprinter van. Their website has a van layout guide, and they have many videos on YouTube.

VanKookz is home of Dani & Kevin. They share van conversion tips, vanlife hacks, vlogs of their travels and travel tips. One their website they have various DIY van conversion step-by-step guides to download.

Visit them online at

Mathers on the Map is the home of Kevin and Taylor Mathers, a husband and wife duo consumed by frequent travel and adventure. Their goal is to find financial freedom through their own passions. Their website documents their van build and other tips and topics.

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